Madera County:

Communities & Properties

Madera County has four main regions of economic diversity: the City of Madera, the City of Chowchilla, Madera Ranchos & Highway 41, and Eastern Madera.

City of Madera

As the county seat, the City of Madera is a bustling hub of commerce and culture, offering a range of urban amenities.

City of Chowchilla

Known for its community spirit and strategic location, Chowchilla serves as a gateway to the Central Valley’s abundant resources.

Madera Ranchos & Highway 41

A serene setting that’s ideal for businesses seeking a peaceful yet connected locale, offering easy access to major highways.

Eastern Madera County

Home to stunning natural landscapes, Eastern Madera County is ripe for sustained success and growth for businesses in the tourism and outdoor industries.

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