Madera County:

Education & Healthcare

Madera County boasts high-achieving educational institutions and healthcare facilities, the county ensures a foundation for a knowledgeable workforce and a healthy population.
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Small girl laughs happily in a primary school class, she is sitting at a table with her her classmates
Madera County is home to student-centric public and private schools, along with a focus on local history and culture.
  • Local achievements in student performance and innovation in education
  • Access to a higher education and vocational training
  • Community college classes and programs aligned with local industry needs
  • Career technical education initiatives
  • Adult education and literacy programs including English language learning
  • Scholarship opportunities provided by local foundations and businesses
  • Online education resources and distance learning programs
  • Extracurricular programs emphasizing STEM, arts, and leadership
  • Partnerships with nearby universities
  • Continuing education and professional development courses
Optician and helping client with product
Madera County's healthcare landscape is a network of quality providers, from Valley Children’s Hospital, Camarena Health and other to rural clinics.
  • Network of rural health clinics
  • Public health initiatives
  • Collaborations with institutions for cutting-edge medical research and training
  • Healthy ratio of healthcare providers to residents
  • County-provided mental health services and resources
  • Health insurance outreach and enrollment programs
  • Preventive health programs and screenings
  • Expansion of telehealth services, improving access for residents in remote areas
  • Community-based health initiatives and partnerships

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