Madera County:

Prime Location

At the heart of California’s rich Central Valley, our county offers a unique blend of accessibility, affordability, and opportunity. It’s where connectivity meets the serenity of natural landscapes, providing an ideal setting for businesses and families alike.
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Proximity to Cities & Highways
Real Estate Ready for Innovation
Geography Geared for Growth
Climate Conducive to Progress
Aerial view of a freeway during the day
Proximity to Cities & Highways
Madera County benefits from quick access to major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as the economic centers of Sacramento and Silicon Valley.
  • 3-hour drive to 90% of California’s population
  • Direct access to major north-south and east-west highways
  • Within a 150-mile radius of three international airports: Fresno, San Jose, and San Francisco
  • Proximity to the Port of Oakland and Port of Stockton for international shipping
  • Central location between Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • Access to high-speed rail corridors
  • Close to major distribution centers and warehouses
  • Situated within the Foreign Trade Zone #226
  • Gateway to Yosemite National Park, attracting millions of visitors annually
  • Adjacent to the Sierra Nevada mountain range, providing natural resources and recreational opportunities
Daytime view of the urban core of downtown Madera, California, USA
Real Estate Ready for Innovation
Our real estate landscape offers spaces that cater to industries of all types, from sprawling industrial parks to commercial hubs.
  • Over 2 million square feet of industrial and commercial space
  • Competitive land costs compared to statewide averages
  • Zoning that supports a variety of business types, from manufacturing to retail
  • Incentives for development within and opportunity zones
  • Availability of large plots for industrial development
  • Infrastructure-ready sites with utility hookups
  • Sustainable water supply for agricultural and industrial use
  • Strong support for green and renewable energy projects
  • Streamlined permitting process for faster business setup
  • Public-private partnership opportunities for development
Aerial view of a sunrise over beautiful green scenery with houses and trees in Madera, California
Geography Geared for Growth
Madera County's geography is a tapestry of fertile farmlands, bustling cities, and open spaces, yielding a unique character and appeal.
  • 2,153 square miles encompassing urban, suburban, and rural areas
  • Rich agricultural land yielding over 100 different crops
  • Access to renewable natural resources, including water and timber
  • Expansive open spaces for large-scale industrial projects
  • Strategic location for logistics and supply chain operations
  • Home to a portion of the Central Valley, a global agricultural powerhouse
  • Sites with scenic views ideal for tourism and hospitality industries
  • Proximity to major research universities and innovation hubs
  • Land available for commercial development and housing projects
  • A commitment to preserving natural habitats and biodiversity
Millerton Lake State Recreation Area in Madera County, California on a beautiful spring day
Climate Conducive to Progress
Experience a climate that complements a lifestyle of productivity and comfort, of work and play. Madera County's mild winters and warm summers are perfect for year-round operations and outdoor activities.
  • Average of 261 sunny days providing ample solar energy potential
  • Ideal growing conditions for a variety of crops, including grapes, nuts, and fruits
  • Mild winters with average temperatures around 54° F (12° C)
  • Warm summers with average temperatures around 95° F (35° C)
  • Low annual precipitation, averaging 10.6 inches, conducive to diverse agricultural practices
  • Clear skies for most of the year, promoting outdoor activities and events
  • Favorable conditions for construction and year-round operations
  • Minimal snowfall, ensuring uninterrupted transportation and logistics
  • Regular breezes from the Sierra Nevada, contributing to air quality
  • Climate zones ranging from USDA zone 7 to 9, accommodating a wide range of agricultural ventures

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