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Recycling Market Development Zone

The Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) program represents a dynamic fusion of environmental sustainability and economic development.

By participating in the RMDZ, businesses in Madera County can access unique financial, technical, and marketing assistance to develop and expand operations that prevent waste, reduce pollution, and conserve resources.

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Who Does Recycling Market Development Zones Help?

Companies that manufacture products using materials diverted from California’s waste stream will find the RMDZ program particularly beneficial. The program not only provides attractive loans for such businesses but also offers assistance in site selection, streamlined permitting processes, and marketing of products made from recycled materials.

The RMDZ program is a testament to Madera County’s commitment to environmental stewardship and economic innovation.

  • Creates a fertile ground for businesses that are looking to incorporate sustainability into their operations, offering a competitive edge in the green market sector
  • Supports the creation of new jobs and industries
  • Shows the County’s reputation as a leader in green technology and recycling.

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