In the heart of California, Madera County stands out as a strategic location for business growth, offering a suite of tailored incentives and resources.

These programs are specifically designed to support the unique agricultural, manufacturing, and distribution sectors thriving within our county.

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Leverage These Local Advantages

Businesses in Madera County can compete for state tax credits, with our thriving economic landscape as a backdrop.
Madera County encourages social responsibility through incentives for hiring individuals facing homelessness, fostering community and economic growth.
Elevate your team's skills with Madera County's access to the Employee Training Panel Small Business Program, ensuring your workforce is future-ready.
Engage in international trade with reduced costs and fewer restrictions, utilizing Madera County's Foreign Trade Zone to streamline your operations.
Our local Revolving Loan Fund offers flexible, low-interest financing to help Madera businesses scale up and thrive.
Invest in your business with confidence, leveraging tax exemptions on manufacturing and R&D equipment in Madera County.
In Madera County's Recycling Market Development Zone, businesses find a supportive environment for innovation in sustainability, complete with financial incentives.
Benefit from Madera County's robust support network, offering disaster recovery assistance to safeguard your business continuity.
Capitalize on Madera County's Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Fidelity Bonding Program to diversify and strengthen your workforce.

Business Tools & Resources

Use a range of our tools and resources, from demographic data to site selection assistance, all designed to show you Madera County’s unique business landscape.

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