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Locally Administered Revolving Loan Fund

The Locally Administered Revolving Loan Fund is a financial tool designed to stimulate economic growth and development within Madera County. This fund, through the Madera County Small Business Loan Program, provides businesses with access to capital that may not be available through traditional banking channels, offering a springboard for expansion, innovation, and job creation.

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Small Business Revolving Loan Fund Program

Tailored to meet the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises, the Revolving Loan Fund serves as a catalyst for business development. It supports a wide range of business activities, including but not limited to, construction, equipment purchase, working capital, and inventory acquisition. By offering flexible terms and competitive interest rates, the fund ensures that businesses have the necessary resources to thrive and compete in today’s market.

Investing in the community, the Revolving Loan Fund reinforces Madera County’s dedication to fostering a robust and diverse economic environment. It’s an opportunity for businesses to plant deeper roots in the community, contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future for all residents.

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