Madera County:

Workforce & Demographics

Madera County has a community rich in diversity and talent. With a growing population and a labor market characterized by its adaptability and skill, the county offers a solid foundation for thriving businesses and industries.
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Population: Diversity in Numbers
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Population: Diversity in Numbers
Madera County's population trends youthful and diverse that is ready to engage with new ideas and opportunities, but it's still diverse with a range of cultures, ages, and skills.
  • Estimated population of 160,000 with a steady growth rate
  • Median age of 33, reflecting a youthful demographic
  • Diversity index score higher than the national average
  • Over 40% of the population is bilingual, predominantly in Spanish and English
  • Significant representation of veterans, with dedicated support programs
  • Household size above the state average, indicating strong family units
  • High school graduation rate on an upward trend
  • Increasing enrollment in higher education and vocational training
  • Community engagement with a high rate of civic participation
  • A growing population of entrepreneurs and small business owners
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You'll find a resilient workforce in both traditional and emerging sectors in Madera County. The employment landscape is supported by proactive workforce development initiatives.
  • Unemployment rate consistently below the national average
  • A labor force participation rate of over 60%
  • Significant employment in key sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare
  • Growing tech and green job sectors, supported by local educational institutions
  • Strong partnerships between businesses and workforce development agencies
  • Career readiness programs in public schools and community colleges
  • Workforce retraining and upskilling programs available for adult learners
  • Competitive wages with a focus on sustainable employment
  • Employer incentives for job creation and workforce development
  • Robust support for workers’ rights and workplace safety

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